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Insurance & Key Waiver Cover


R & J Removals Ltd is fully insured by Basil Fry one of the UK's leading removal & storage insurance brokers. Whilst every care is taken with your furniture accidents can happen. Our comprehensive insurance cover for a small premium will protect you goods in-transit or store and if we are packing fragile's these will be covered as well please be aware (owner packed goods are not covered).

Late Key Waiver

IMPORTANT: One of the biggest problems removers experience is waiting for the keys to be released for your new property.

Sometimes events take place that are out of our control, such as not being able to gain access to your new property at the agreed completion time. For your removal to be completed within normal working hours we require access to your new property by 2.00pm. If your removal crew is delayed due to late key release there will be an additional cost's, this can be as much as £150.00+vat.

For your peace of mind why not purchase the Late Key Waiver cover. For a small fee from £40.00+Vat, you will be provided with a total peace of mind if there is an unforeseen delay in gaining access to your new property.

The Late Key Waiver gives you the flexibility of a three-hour waiting period from 2.00 pm to the completion of your property. This means that our crew will be on site to complete the removal until 5pm from which we will then complete your unloading.

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