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Brentry is a suburb of north Bristol, England, between Henbury and Southmead which is spread along the southern edge of the Avonmouth-London railway line.

The boundaries of Brentry are not well defined. The settlement grew around the junction of two roads, where a public house, the Old Crow, has long been established. The north-south road, Passage Road now the A4018, was a turnpike road from Bristol to South Wales via New Passage or the Old Passage at Aust Ferry. When the new Filton By-Pass now part of the M5 motorway was opened in 1962, the route became an arterial road linking the new road to the centre of Bristol. The east-west route B4057 is now of only local importance, but in the 1930s it carried A38 traffic by-passing Bristol. The through route was cut by the runway for the giant Bristol Brabazon aircraft built in 1949.

The area east of the junction was developed in the 20th century, and Brentry is now sometimes considered to extend as far as the Filton Golf Couse, south of Filton Aerodrome, including an area east of Charlton Road known as Charlton Mead, named from the former hamlet of Charlton.

Brentry has a mix of high-quality private housing and good former council housing. It has a well-respected primary school.

Pen Park Hole is a large cavern, to which access is strictly limited, near Brentry at the edge of Filton Golf Course

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