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Clifton is an inner suburb of the English port city of Bristol. Clifton was recorded in theDomesday bookasClistone, the name of the village denoting a 'hillside settlement' and referring to its position on a steep hill. Until 1898 Clifton St Andrew was a separatecivil parishwithin theCounty Borough of Bristol.Various sub-districts of Clifton exist, includingWhiteladies Road, an important shopping district to the east, and Clifton Village, a smaller shopping area near theAvon Gorgeto the west.

Although the suburb has no formal boundaries, the name Clifton is generally applied to the high ground stretching from Whiteladies Road in the east to the rim of the Avon Gorge in the west, and fromClifton DownandDurdham Downin the north to Cornwallis Crescent in the south. This area corresponds roughly with the city wards ofCliftonandClifton East, although the former also includes the river side suburb ofHotwells.

Clifton is one of the oldest and most affluent areas of the city, much of it having been built with profits fromtobaccoand theslave trade. Situated to the west ofBristol city centre, it was at one time a separate settlement but became attached to Bristol by continuous development during theGeorgian eraand was formally incorporated into the city in the 1830s. Grand houses that required many servants were built in the area. Although some were detached or semi-detached properties, the bulk were built as terraces, many with three or more floors. One famous terrace is the majesticRoyal York Crescent, visible from the Avon Gorge below and looking across the Bristol docks.Berkeley Squarewhich was built around 1790 is an example ofGeorgian architecture. Secluded squares include the triangularCanynge Square. TheABC Cinemaon Whiteladies Road was converted into offices and gymnasium in the 1990s but there are now plans to re-open it as a cinema.Clifton Lidowas built in 1850 but closed to the public in 1990, it was redeveloped and opened again to the public in November 2008.

Parts of Clifton itself are now in the process of being pedestrianised

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