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Eastville is an inner-suburb of the English city of Bristol, situated between LowerEaston and Whitehall/Fishponds in the central north of the city. In the west its boundary is the River Frome (or the M32 motorway, which follows a similar route).

Eastville Stadium (on the west bank of the Frome) used to be the home of Bristol Rovers Football Club, as well as being a site for greyhound racing and speedway, but this site has now been developed by IKEA.

Eastville Park is a large park with a small lake, just to the east of the M32. The lake at Eastville Park was instigated as part of a social scheme by Ernest Bevin (a well-respected westcountryman), who later became Minister of Labour under Churchill in the coalition government of WW2 and later Foreign Secretary in the Attlee Government from 1945 until his death.

A large railway viaduct known as 'The Thirteen Arches' for obvious reasons, once ran through the area, roughly parallel to the current Muller Road. This was part of the Clifton Extension Railway.

Eastville Workhouse was a former French Prison which was brought from the Government circa 1832, In 1930, the Stapleton workhouse became Stapleton Institution and by the Second World War the site was mainly used for the care of the mentally ill. It was bombed in 1940; the centre of the site is now May Park Primary School.

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