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Hartcliffe is a district of Bristol, England. It is a council estate on the southern edges of the city next to Withywood, on the northern slopes of Dundry Hill. Construction started in 1952 after the compulsory purchase of a number of pre-existing farms. A small shopping area was built (Symes Avenue), and the first church (St Andrew) opened in 1956.

Imperial Tobacco once had offices and a factory in Hartcliffe. Part of the site is now the Imperial Park shopping centre while the listed headquarters building is being converted into the Lakeshore flats.

Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership (HWCP) was formed by local residents in 1998 to help support the regeneration and renewal of the area.

Schools within Hartcliffe include Fair Furlong Primary School, Hareclive Primary School and Bridge Learning Campus.

Hartcliffe Community Farm was opened in 1979 by Hartcliffe Community Council leader Doris Fiedor MA Hons UWE (1919–1995)who founded the community farm. It has over 30 acres (120,000 m2) of land based at the farmyard at the top of Lampton Avenue, Hartcliffe. A 250 year old tithe barn was erected at the farm by YTS trainees but burned down in an arson attack. The farm remains open daily to the public and hosts regular visits by school parties.

Symes Avenue is the District Shopping Centre serving the outer estates of Hartcliffe and Withywood with a total population of around 20,000 people. The estates, built in the 1950s and 1960s, have long been identified as suffering a multitude of different problems which characterise a socially excluded community. On July 16, 1992 there was a riot in Hartcliffe estate after two men who had stolen an unmarked police motorbike were killed in a chase with a police patrol car. The disturbance lasted for 3 days. Police were stoned and many shops in the Symes Avenue shopping centre were attacked and destroyed.

On 12 November 2007 a Morrisons supermarket opened after a massive redevelopment of the area. The redevelopment also includes a new library.

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