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Hengrove is a suburb and council ward of Bristol, England, situated between Whitchurch, Knowle and Bishopsworth, running along both dual carriageways, Wells Road (A37) and Airport Road (A4174). It consists mainly of working to middle class terrace houses. It contains an infant, primary and secondary school. The area holds the long-disused Whitchurch Airport, now mostly converted to out-of-town entertainment (pubs, cinema etc.). The area of Knowle it adjoins is known as Knowle West. It is served by services 20, 36, 51, 75, 76

Hengrove Park is the largest urban regeneration site in Bristol. In 2001 it was the temporary home to the Ashton Court Festival. It is the location of the new South Bristol Community Hospital and the new Hengrove Skills Academy.[edit]Hengrove Park

Sport and leisure

Hengrove is home to the non-League football club Hengrove Athletic F.C., who play at Norton Lane.

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