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Redfield is an area situated in the east of Bristol. It includes the stretch of Church Road from Verrier Road to the western boundary of St George’s park and is adjacent to the neighbourhoods of Barton Hill, St George, Whitehall and Pile Marsh.

Bristol City Council identifies that the area commonly known as Redfield consists of two Lower Super Output Areas ("LSOAs"): Church Road and Redfield. The 2008 Ward Profiles published by Bristol City Council rank the two LSOAs as 112th and 111th (respectively) out of 252 most deprived areas in Bristol (no.1 being the most deprived). The total population for the Redfield area is 3799 and data available suggests that the predominant age group is 16–44 years comprising 55% of the total population. 

Redfield falls into two Bristol wards: Easton and St George West. The area is ethnically diverse with 8.2% of the population being from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.

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