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Stapleton is an area in the north-eastern suburbs of the city of Bristol, England. The name is colloquially used today to describe the ribbon village along Bell Hill and Park Road in the Frome Valley. It borders Eastville to the South and Begbrook and Frenchayto the North. It comprises an eclectic mix of housing mainly from the Victorian,Edwardian, inter-war and late twentieth century periods.

It is a popular residential area on three counts. It is convenient for the M32 motorway (with rapid access the M4 and M5), it is a semi rural area within two miles of centralBristol and it boasts a popular public school.

The ancient parish of Stapleton covered Fishponds and Eastville and was originally withinKingswood Forest. The Saxon hamlet of Stapleton, first documented in 1208, stood at the edge of the forest, just north of the River Frome. Finds of Roman coins point to even earlier habitation. Even in the 18th century it was still heavily wooded.

The hamlet was donated to Tewkesbury Abbey in 1174 by William, Earl of Gloucester. By the late 16th century it was the property of the Berkeley family of Stoke Gifford, and was passed down to the Duke of Beaufort who retained the estate until the early 20th century, selling it in 1917.

Stapleton's church is a prominent Bristol landmark, visible from the M32 motorway as motorists exit the city.

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